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June 12th, 1978

02:05 pm
It seems like so long since I've spoken to many of you, so I thought I'd give an update. Frank and I are currently travelling about Europe, as we have been for a few weeks now, and Mother Longbottom is house-sitting. We got a cat named Succubus a few months ago and she is taking care of her for us. Caradoc picked the name, in case you were wondering, and Frank didn't want to change it. Boys will be boys. Of course, after everything, I can't bear to change it either.

I suppose some of you have heard what's happened. Our good friend Caradoc Dearborn has seemingly disappeared. He was working hunting vacationing in Finland when suddenly we stopped hearing from him. Of course, he's disappeared before so we didn't think anything of it. Just silly Caradoc on another of his adventures. He was due back at work, though, and never came, and then near a month passed with no word. We heard that someone had seen him in Czechoslovakia so we went to check it out. He wasn't there, of course, so now we're back in Finland having a look about.

I'm sure he's fine; he's just so irresponsible. He probably just forgot that he was due to be back. Maybe he found an nice Finnish wife and settled down. We'll keep you posted. Anyhow, Finland's lovely this time of year.
Current Mood: worriednot worried. vacationing.

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December 27th, 1977

05:53 pm
She's gone. She's gone, she's gone, she's gone. I shouldn't be so relieved about it, but I'm so glad she's gone.

The slightly longer version is that, once again, Frank's mother and uncle came to stay over Christmas. It was lovely and nerve-wracking. We were going to have turkey but at the last minute Mother decided she didn't like the stuffing and we had Chinese instead. I never heard the end of it. But they're gone.

Sometimes I wish I had family that lived far away in some cozy, out of the way cabin that we could visit during the hols so we'd never have to see her again. Don't tell Frank I said so.

Sturgis hasn't left yet, though, and neither has Caradoc (who showed up on Chrismas Eve with some wild story about Greece which I'm not sure I want to repeat), which has made Frank adorably happy. They're working on some secret project in the attic. I'm not supposed to know they're working on a secret project, but it's hard to miss.

In any event, I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas. I'm so sorry about the patrolling, Emmeline. I did what I could.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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December 20th, 1977

06:50 pm - A question
Have any of you seen or heard from Caradoc Dearborn? Frank and I spent the day with him Saturday but we haven't been about to get ahold of him since. I'm sure there's no reason to worry -- it's only been a few days -- but I know some of you are his friends and I thought you might of seen him.

He left his cloak at our house.
Current Mood: worriedworried

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September 25th, 1977

12:16 am
It's funny how an imaginary weekend raid in the country turns into a real weekend raid in the country, isn't it?

Needless to say, Frank and I haven't had a moment to ourselves in a week, ever since Mother Longbottom arrived. I think she's planning on leaving soon because she can't get the right flavour of jam here. We have all the flavours, but she keeps saying things about not being able to find country-style in the city. She's even gone so far as to suggest we move back home with her.

This is home.

This is home.

I'm hiding in the bathroom right now, but I think she's gone to bed. I hope she's gone to bed. If I hear one more question about the way I wash my towels I will scream.
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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August 26th, 1977

02:43 pm
Oh. Oh Benjy! I'm so so sorry. I really didn't mean to hurt you so badly. Alastor told me to crush you like the bug you are (his words, not mine) but I didn't mean to crush you quite so thoroughly.

I hope your ribs are okay. Tell Candice that there's a good potion for broken ribs in The Wizard's Book of Practical Home Medicine. I can owl her the recipe if you like.

Oh, I really am so sorry.
Current Mood: guiltyguilty

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